Music & Motivation PowerBook - Volume 1

Music That Can Motivate and Elevate!

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Need emotional relief from all the tension and anxiety we’re experiencing right now?

Need to interrupt the constant negative soundbites you’re bombarded with daily?

Want to drown out those limiting voices in your head?

Listen to the Music & Motivation Power Book, designed to help you win!

Dr. Willie Jolley is releasing his newly digitally re-mastered sound.

This is Dr. Jolley’s unique and innovative way to give people inspiration, motivation, information and entertainment…which leads to personal transformation and development!

Music has a powerful, lasting impact on us. We’re having a tough day and our song comes on the radio it changes our mood and we feel better.

This Music & Motivation PowerBook is designed help you Make It and Shake It!

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Listen to any of the 25 tracks and get swept away into your journey of mind expanding positive thinking, positive actions and positive results!

The music will renew your hope for the future.

The words will focus you to take action in the present!

Put on your headset, turn up the volume of the Music & Motivation PowerBook. Listen from beginning to end, daily, for 30 days.

You’ll experience a positive change in your thinking and in your life!


Digitally Remastered
Music and Motivation PowerBook cover-web

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*Available Late January 2022.