How To Come Back from The Pandemic...And Prosper!

After the past year, EVERYONE wants A Comeback….

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Dr. Willie Jolley is The #1 Authority In Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks!

He is the author of the global best-selling book, A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback!

And, he is the expert Ford Motor Company called on when they were on the brink of bankruptcy and desperately needed a comeback. He helped them go from the brink of bankruptcy to be able to reject a government bailout and to go on to billion-dollar profits!

Now, he wants to help others create incredible comebacks!

“Your message of the importance of taking a positive approach to a less than desirable situation was refreshing and inspirational, and exactly what the team needed to hear.”
–Ford Motor Company

“We’ve been going through drama since working virtually and stressed to the gills! You rocked the general session! Thank you so much!”
–Society for Human Resource Management

"Your ideas for thinking like a team and winning like a team have helped us to comeback from crisis and to develop the mindset to discover great new opportunities"
–CA/NV Credit Union Leagues

Biggest Challenges Facing Business Leaders

  • Getting and Keeping Good People. Helping people get past their anxieties about the uncertainty of the future.
  • Getting your team used to the “New Normal.”
  • Helping your team realize that “uncommon times create uncommon opportunities.”
  • Getting your team to recognize that they must choose whether they will come out of the pandemic as winners or mere witnesses.
  • Helping your team enhance their positive attitude, so they can take advantage of great new opportunities.
  • Teaching your team how to win over and over again...because history teaches that another crisis is up the road.
  • Teaching your team the “7 Principles for Turning Setbacks Into Great Comebacks.”

Program Options

In-Person: Dr. Jolley will come to your event and speak “Live” with a customized message for your team.

Virtual “Live“ Event: Dr. Jolley will speak to your team, with a customized message for your needs and host a Question and Answer Session after his presentation.

Pre-recorded 30-minute “Turn Setbacks Into Comebacks” message: Delivered to your team via Stream, where you can replay the program as many times as you want up to 5 days.

Contact our office to schedule a time to have Dr. Jolley transform your team!

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