Above the Fray

image of Karate chop

Above the Fray By Dee Taylor-Jolley In an old television advertisement for the martial arts school chain “Tiger Schulmann’s Karate,” …

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Grind in Silence

image of hard worker

Grind in Silence By Dee Taylor-Jolley Myles Munroe, known for his charismatic speaking style and his ability to simplify complex …

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Not Enough

image of sailboat on sea

Not Enough By Dee Taylor-Jolley We’ve set ambitious goals, believing they will propel us to our accomplishments. We believe our …

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Life Is A Vapor

image of vapor

Life Is A Vapor By Dee Taylor-Jolley A vapor is diffused matter like smoke or fog, floating in the air. …

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To Zelle or Not?

image of mobile banking

To Zelle or Not? By Dee Taylor-Jolley I’m an avid podcast listener while I work out. One of my favorites …

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Underrated? Great!

image of a basketball hoop

Underrated? Great! By Dee Taylor-Jolley In the world of basketball, where the spotlight shines on towering figures and thunderous dunks, …

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Obsess About It

image of kobe bryant

Obsess About It By Dee Taylor-Jolley Kobe Bryant spent his entire 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers in the …

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5 Daily Do’s

image of top 5 list

5 Daily Do’s By Dee Taylor-Jolley Terri Savelle Foy is a conference speaker, particularly recognized for her teachings on setting …

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