Never Stop Fighting

image of mexican flag

Never Stop Fighting By Dee Taylor-Jolley Napoleon III of France sent 6,000 troops to attack a small town in Mexico …

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Let Age Be A Motivator

image of Diana Nyad

Let Age Be A Motivator By Dee Taylor-Jolley Diana Nyad is an American long-distance swimmer who gained international recognition for …

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Spread Some Mayonnaise

image of mayonnaise on a sandwich

Spread Some Mayonnaise By Dee Taylor-Jolley In science, substances or liquids that are not capable of mixing or forming a …

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What Happened?

image of sad person

What Happened? By Dee Taylor-Jolley According to US News, 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by mid-February. Most of us …

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Expose Yourself

image of man doing yoga

Expose Yourself By Dee Taylor-Jolley “Look at yourself closely in the mirror, says Lauren. “As you move from one posture …

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Cautiously Daring

image of frustrated woman

Cautiously Daring By Dee Taylor-Jolley In my head, I hold two opposing positions, at all times. Being cautious enough to …

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